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DECEIVED: THE MOO YEARS is the true story of one young man’s compelling, at times terrifying, former involvement with the martial arts cult Chung Moo Quan. Based on his soon-to-be-published memoir titled DECEIVED: A JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS, author/producer Russell Johnson’s 12-week podcast combines a powerful narrative and witness interviews with martial artists, mind control experts, and former victims of the Chung Moo Quan.

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“It’s certainly the most compelling angle on the martial world I’ve seen in years.” - Calvin Yocum Motion Picture Story Analyst at 20th Century Fox
“When Russell first told me his story, I was riveted. As a student of thrillers, and having made one already, I know a great story when I hear it. If it were fiction, it would be hard to believe, the fact that it’s true makes it even more compelling. But the single element that makes this a great story is the fact that Russell is still alive to tell it. And is willing to tell it. Every story needs a hero and heroes need courage. I look forward to reading this courageous book.” - Barry L. Caldwell, filmmaker

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Cast & Crew


David Bruskin

Story Analyst and Editor of DECEIVED. Author, film production company director of development, and studio story analyst of films that collectively grossed over a billion dollars, including Forrest Gump, A League Of Their Own, and What Happens in Vegas.


Russell Delbert Johnson

Lead Writer of DECEIVED. A Former Chung Moo Quan cult member. He learned to research, became a private investigator, and today works in the security field. He has also immersed himself in the field of film and television: writer, production assistant, actor, producer, location manager, and as social media coordinator.


Russ Meyer

Co-Writer of DECEIVED. Won 13 screenplay contests with nine scripts. One script in pre-production, one is now a novella. Wrote a contest-winning feature script, Paper Trail, about a Colorado private investigator. Now he’s co-writing this show, Deceived, former Colorado private investigator Russell Johnson’s true story podcast.


Charles Hubble

Host and Narrator of DECEIVED. Award-winning Charles is one of the busiest film, stage, and voice actors in the Twin Cities. Also a writer and puppeteer on 2 series. Has worked on films with Ben Kingsley, James Cromwell, and Tim Allen.

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