Authentic, previously Podtrac ad services, has been providing advertising representation for podcasts and supporting advertiser media planning since 2005 - longer than any other podcast ad network.  With the tremendous growth of podcasting, in 2016, Podtrac Inc separated its offerings into two services to better serve the podcast industry.


Podcast Advertising Services

Authentic works with over 200 top podcasts including This American Life, Serial, This Week in Tech, and more. Leading brand and direct response advertisers and their agencies rely on Authentic to to help them plan campaigns to reach their targets through top podcasts. We’ve managed some of the most successful and longest-running advertising efforts in podcasting.

Podcast Measurement and Analytics

Podtrac is 100% focused on podcast industry metrics and analytics.  Podtrac provides analytics to thousands of podcasts including virtually all of the top podcasts and publishers.  It’s “unique monthly audience” metrics and monthly rankings of podcasts are industry firsts for podcasting.

Management Team

Mark McCrery

Founder and CEO

Beth Eloshway

Vice President, Publisher Relations, Authentic

Julia Price

Vice President, Partner Relations

Maddy Agopian

Vice President, Partnerships, Authentic

Tim Street

Vice President, Influence & Production, Authentic

Scott Benaglio

Vice President, Client Services, Authentic

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Press Releases

Podtrac Launches the First Podcast Industry Rankings
Podtrac’s Advertising Services are Rebranded as Authentic

Studies Reveal Advertising in Podcasts and Online Shows are Three Times as Effective as Other Online Video Ads
Ad Effectiveness Measures High Across Four Product Categories Over Two Years

Podtrac Announces the First Online Media Planning Service for Podcasts and Serial Video Clips
Podtrac Helps Advertisers Find Brand Appropriate Target Audiences in Serial Audio and Video Conten

Podtrac Announces GoDaddy.com Podcast Advertising Campaign with the First Custom-Produced Podcast Advertisement Episode of French Maid TV
Podtrac Brings GoDaddy.com to French Maid TV as First Advertiser

Podtrac Announces Podtrac Superlatives and New Measurement Data at Advertising Research Federation's 1st Audience Measurement Symposium
Podtrac's CEO Mark McCrery is Speaking on Emerging Media Measurement Challenges

Podtrac Reveals New Data From Its Largest Worldwide Database of Podcasting Demographics
MRI Index is Off the Charts for Podcast Listeners and Viewers

Men are Listening to Podcasts but Women are Getting Hooked, Too
Study Finds That Today’s Podcast Audience is Largely Male but Females are Just as Likely to Have Listened in the Past Week

Mediamark Research Inc. and Podtrac Combine Forces to Offer the Advertising and Podcast Industries Audio and Video Podcast Demographics
Free Analysis of Individual Podcast Audiences Offered to Advertisers and Podcasters through Podtrac.com

Podtrac Launches First Advertising Infrastructure and Sales Service for the Podcasting Market
Podtrac Provides Free Podcast Audience Profiles, Third Party Measurement, Industry Proven Demographics and Targeted Advertising Capabilities to Best Buy and Sell Podcast Sponsorships and Advertisements