Could this be the right time for your brand to take advantage of podcast advertising?

How big is podcasting?  Is it worth your time?  Where do you even begin to think about advertising in podcasts, and how?

State of Podcasting: 2019 from Authentic, a Podtrac Company, uses the latest data and over 13 years of experience in podcast advertising to answer these questions and provide best practices for advertising in podcasts.



Today there are over 440,000 podcasts registered with Apple’s iTunes and 24% of Americans listen to a podcast in any given month.  A growing number of brands have placed ads consistently in podcasts over the last five to ten years with measurable success.  Others have stayed on the sidelines, perhaps waiting for audience growth, the right show or metrics, or confused about where to begin.  

Using the latest data, this paper summarizes where podcasting and podcast advertising is today.  We look across several factors that can help you assess if podcasts are right for your brand.  

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Who listens to podcasts and how they do it
  • How big podcast audiences are today
  • What ad formats are available in podcasts
  • Best practices for ad placements
  • The 7 ad formats to avoid and why
  • The difference between embedded and auto-inserted ads and why auto-inserted ads are not better for advertisers
  • Why geo-targeting has no value for a podcast campaign
  • The 3 techniques for measuring podcast ad delivery and which can give you the results you need
  • The 3 response metrics direct advertisers can rely on in podcast advertising
  • How brand advertisers can use ad effectiveness studies to gauge success